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We've got you covered! Get a professional website for free
and jumpstart your business. As part of our Start Up support program we design and develop a professional website that you'll love. Fast, mobile optimized, and SEO ready.

And the best part? We wont charge you a thing!

Don't have the budget for a website?

This serves as an excellent avenue for us to establish connections with entrepreneurs who may consider our services for more extensive paid projects as their businesses expand. They could engage us for the development of more complex websites, the creation of apps, or ongoing development services.

The reason we offer a free website service? It's simple.

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Typically, these projects demand roughly 7-10 hours of dedicated work. Please bear in mind that our complimentary website service doesn't encompass intricate websites with advanced features. Nevertheless, it suits the needs of most business and personal websites. We accept just under 30% of all applicants.

How does it works?

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To get started you will need to sign up for our monthly website hosting plan, which is the essential step to make your website accessible on the internet and that costs less than the price of a single take-out dinner. This way you save a small fortune, typicaly enlisting an agency to create your website can come with a price tag ranging from 5.000€ to 20.000€

(and yes, we fall right into that bracket, but don't worry, we wont charge you).

Are there any hidden costs?

The best part? You only start paying for hostingafter the website is finishedand you're happy with the results!

A professional business website increases your chances of converting potential clients by 76%. Without a professional website, your business's chances of success drop by over 80%. Relying solely on a Facebook or Instagram page won't suffice. On average, businesses lacking a professional website experience an eightfold increase in failure rates.

Having a website is crucial for building trust.

Why do i even need a website?

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You receive a professionally designed, responsive  mobile ready website that's fast, optimized, SSL certificate secure, and SEO-ready. Our hosting services are super fast and reliable. We'll also guide you on customizing your new website, so you can dabble in a bit of web development yourself. Sounds like a fun adventure, doesn't it?

What do i get?


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